The Oudinot Garden is located at the northern end of the Mira channel between the land and the Aveiro estuary, specifically in Gafanha da Nazaré, and is one of the most pleasant public spaces in the Aveiro region.

In this eleven-hectare free space, it is possible to enjoy a recreational anchorage, pedestrian circulation space, bicycle lane, picnic area and children's playground. Here it is also possible to practice sports activities such as football, basketball and outdoor tennis inside or outside the various fields that this space offers.

Inside the garden you can also enjoy a river beach available to all who visit and it offers a free car park.

This garden is visited by countless locals and tourists who enjoy this fabulous green space, sharing moments of rest or leisure with the family and it is also the stage at the end of August for the Codfish Festival. It is really worth visiting this wonderful and natural place and enjoying everything it has to offer its visitors.

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