We present here a small chapel from the 16th century, located in the heart of the Beira-Mar neighborhood in the center of Aveiro since 1568.

This chapel has a centralized plan with a small bell tower and its interior is lined with tiles from the 17th century. In its altarpiece there are three stone sculptures, in the center the Lady of Boa Viagem and on the sides Saint John the Baptist and Saint Bartholomew dominating the devil by a chain.

Something very curious is that the chapel only opens its doors once a year, on the 24th of August. Supposedly this is the day when the devil is on the loose in the streets of Beira-Mar and on this day the faithful try to do less risky work, as unusual phenomena and accidents happen. According to the belief, Saint Bartholomew frees the "boy", the name by which the devil is only known on this day, and thus avoids the revolt of the "demo" for being imprisoned all year round. As patron saint of lost objects and deceived wives, the payment for the graces obtained throughout the year is not by throwing chips at the faithful, but knocking on the door and throwing coins through its slots, usually those that are less valuable.

Come and see this mystical and curious monument and don't miss the unique opportunity to enter the chapel that only opens its doors once a year.

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