Fábrica Centro Ciência Viva is an interactive space for science and technology, which is part of the network Centros de Ciência Viva, with its main objective in the dissemination of scientific and technological culture.

This is located on the premises of the former Companhia Aveirense de Moagens and today functions as the Center for Living Sciences of Aveiro. Activities that reveal the science of cooking can be found at the interactive exhibition site, as well as two spaces dedicated to robotics and a holography laboratory. These are the ones that attract the most attention to those who visit the place, in addition to many other attractions that are not mentioned here.

Its exhibitions and activities allow for the exploration of different themes through active and playful participation. Among all the activities that stand out are: "Hands-on", "Learning Science by Playing", "Make your own toothpaste", "Kitchen is a laboratory", "Mathematical Games", "Mind Ball", "Chemistry by table", "Robotics" and "Stories with science told in the Snail's Belly".

This factory is the result of a partnership with the University of Aveiro and its activities go far beyond the building, extending throughout the region through programs to support schools and collaborations between scientific institutions, companies, the municipality and educational institutions.

The connection with the University of Aveiro gives the center added value, thus allowing for a capacity for innovation and the development of unique and innovative content on the national scene.

Visit this space completely dedicated to science and technology and acquire knowledge by participating in various activities that the place offers to those who visit.

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