We present the former Public Garden of the city of Aveiro, today called Parque da Cidade, but more popularly known as "Parque da Macaca". This began in 1861 when the mayor of Aveiro, Manuel Firmino Maia, converted part of the land cultivated by the friars and surrounding Campo de Santo António into a public walkway. The remaining part was sold in 1842 to the first Viscount of Santo António, Pedro António Rebocho, with its boulevard and well-composed and flowery gardens, which led to the title of one of the best gardens in Portugal.

In 1919 the former Executive President Doctor Lourenço Peixinho bought land in the lower part of the old conventional fence "Quinta de Santo António" or "Quinta do ti Germano" (the farm's caretaker) from Jacinto Agapito Rebocho. The works lasted almost a decade and it was only inaugurated in 1927 with the right to a big party. This garden now has several attractions that attract citizens to enjoy and visit, from a pergola-type colonnade connected to a staircase and an artificial grotto, which connect the two upper and lower areas of the park, the beautiful Tea House with its small library and large terrace overlooking the lake.

Later, a circular cage and a rectangular cage with birds and monkeys were placed between the lake and the hospital, which gave rise to the famous name that is popularly known today as: Parque da Macaca. Currently, we have an iron pedestrian bridge that connects the northwest of Baixa de Santo António to Parque dos Amores.

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