This theater is located in Praça da República in Aveiro and has sober lines with neoclassical roots. This work was designed in 1854 and completed in the late 1870s.

It was inaugurated on March 5, 1881, with the presence of the Teatro D. Maria II company, through a theatrical play that brought a lot of public and publicity to the newly opened theater. Since then, cultural activity has been intense and extremely diverse, which resulted in the inauguration of cinematographic sessions in 1912, which are still available today.

Teatro Aveirense underwent several improvements, the last of which took place between 2000 and 2003, which led to the classification of Public Interest Property in 2002. This took place after the transfer of Teatro Aveirense to the authority of the Municipality of Aveiro, in a work signed by the architect João Carreira and which reformulated the space, giving it the necessary conditions for a good reception of artists and public.

It reopened on October 23, 2003, giving the city a municipal space with excellent technical conditions and a professional staff, with skills in the areas of performing arts. Until 2016, this equipment was managed by the municipal public company TEMA - Teatro Municipal de Aveiro.

It is worth visiting this tourist and historical monument that contributes a lot to the cultural dissemination of the city of Aveiro.

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