The Museum of New Art of Aveiro is located in the center of the city of Aveiro and is one of the most renowned and emblematic among the heritage of this artistic current.

In addition to the ornamental environment that represents an Art Nouveau dwelling, this museum center treats Art Nouveau as a didactic argument, thus leading visitors to reflect on the assumptions of the aesthetic revolution that this movement brought to the world and its reflection that still remains manifests itself in our cities today.

The decoration of the facade with natural motifs of flowers and animals, the stylized curvilinear shapes present in the stonework, tiles and artistic ironwork give the museum an Art Nouveau character.

A visit to this center is not complete without visiting the Tea House located on the ground floor, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the building itself in a calm and relaxing environment, where at night it becomes one of the liveliest bars in the city, with live music on weekends.

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