Come and discover the Alliance Underground Museum, an exhibition space where Portuguese wines are produced in their traditional cellars. The renowned art commander Joe Berardo created the Aliança Underground Museum in the basement of the cellars of Aliança Vinhos de Portugal, where he put 8 different art collections on display. These art collections can be visited and are part of the Berardo collection, with museum equipment from different areas covering millions of years. Many of these pieces contain historical and sometimes sentimental meanings of various origins and species.

The Aliança brand was present from an early age in several international markets, exporting its wines to Brazil, Africa and Europe, a trend that prevails until today, with more than 50% of its wines being exported. Due to its excellence and rigor, the group or the Aliança brand has received several national and international awards on the merits of its good wine, being one of the most prestigious in Portugal and with 96 years of experience in the wine market.

Visits to the Museum are guided and usually require prior scheduling by phone or email.

Come and discover the Wines of Portugal Alliance, acquire knowledge and practice ecotourism activities throughout the year.

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