The Maritime Museum of Ílhavo is a museum belonging to the Ílhavo City Council and is a place of memories for the local inhabitants who created it on August 8, 1937. This museum was created by a group of friends and, in the beginning, it just assumed an ethnographic and regional vocation.

In 2001, the idea of ​​this group of Ílhavo folks was renewed and expanded, becoming a beautiful building with modern architecture and now including an admirable Codfish Aquarium, which was inaugurated in 2013. The theme of this museum consists of an attractive exhibition of biological heritage dedicated to species Gadus Morthua, the Atlantic Cod that can be considered as our cod, as it is the fish that the Portuguese most consume for several centuries.

The Aquarium has an aesthetic language that suggests dynamics and enchantment, with 3.2 meters of depth and capacity for 120 cubic meters of water. Synthetic salt is used, so that the aquarium water has perfect chemical conditions, to guarantee a good quality of life for the cod. The water temperature varies between 5ºC and 9ºC depending on the time of year.

Come to Ílhavo and get to know this great work of art that is really worth visiting.

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