We present the Vista Alegre Museum, which opened in 1964 and is located on the grounds of the porcelain factory with the same name and where it exhibits the record of the evolution of the manufacture of Portuguese porcelain. Recently, the museum was reclassified in a vast expansion with a wide range of examples of decorative and domestic porcelain open to the public. The museum has already been awarded by APOM with the category of "Best Museum of the Year" and with the APOM Awards in the categories of "Cultural Merchandising" and "Museography Work".

The museum's mission is to preserve the memory of Vista Alegre's artistic porcelain production, which was traditionally produced in the factory. This museum was created in honor of the prestige that the brand achieved throughout the 19th century, where the best exemplary pieces were collected since the beginning of production.

Here, visitors are invited to enter the world of the first glass manufactured, the unique pieces from the end of the Portuguese monarchy, the commemorative parties of specific dates and the Persian decorations executed over almost 200 years of manufacture. It is also possible in these tours to visit the chapel of Nossa Senhora de França, considered a national monument since 1910.

The museum itself is an excellent reason to visit due to its exhibitions and visitors can also buy porcelain in nearby stores or simply make a memory visit.

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