One of the monuments that stands out in the city of Aveiro is the Old Ceramics Factory of Fonte Nova, founded by Jerónimo Pereira Campos and his sons in 1896, this monument was at the time the only producer of bricks and tiles between Porto and Pampilhosa until 1903. It is currently highlighted as an imposing example of architecture in red clay that we can find in the city of Aveiro.

Since 1923, the group began to expand and conquer more factories in Viana de Castelo and Sintra, and came to face major financial difficulties in 1960, the year in which it transferred control to Banco Pinto de Magalhães. With the Taboeira factory, the facilities in Aveiro were abandoned and later the facilities were transferred to Alvarães in the district of Viana de Castelo.

Since 1995, it has hosted the Cultural and Congress Center where professional training is provided for unemployed young people and adults. The building's longitudinal facades are crowned by tile panels with different spellings and with different sectors that can be visited. It is important to remember that several professional training courses are taking place inside the building on weekdays.

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